The First E Cigarette


You can't tell the difference!
Hold looks and feels just like a real cigarette. Until it is more commonly used and recognized, people will be surprized to EVOCIG. But, you'll feel better, knowing you're not inhaling all the poisons found in real cigarettes that can harm your health and shorten your lifespan. The virtually odorless vapor that simulates smoke dissipates quickly in the air. Your family will love your new cigarette choice...and your house will eventually lose the stale smell of real smoke.

EVOCIG is a battery operated cigarette alternative that produces no fire and is safe to use just about anywhere. Your new EVOCIG will need an initial charging for about 6 hours before its first use. A fully charged battery should last approximately one week, assuming a use comparable to one pack of cigarettes per day. When the battery runs low, simply recharge your EVOCIG for about 3 hours with the charging unit included.

When the filter cartridge emits too little smoke, just remove the cartridge and replace it with a new cartridge to once again produce more vapor.

Save money
As you know, the addictive nature of real cigarettes means you will spend a small fortune to feed your habit for a very long time! When you compare the cost of smoking the EVOCIG over months or years, you'll quickly realize just how much you can save by switching to EVOCIG.